Introducing YeyAndie Blog!

May 08, 2019

I've been trying to come up with a personal blog for about a year now but I've been busy with other projects and frankly, not quite sure what I really want this blog to be about.

I guess this is a common predicament for those who write for a living (I ghostwrite for a lot of people and websites) and hence, its just isn't easy writing in my own voice after donning a few different writing personas for years.

Truth be told, I wouldn't have even dared start this blog if it weren't for the warm reception that the Pinay Beauty And Style Blog received. I mean, there I was, writing and talking about beauty products on Youtube (another happy accident) and people just started coming to me and liking my content not just for my pinay beauty blog reviews but also for my very unconventional mind and was like wow! Keribels naman pala!

Speaking of personality. YeyAndie, or Andie Yey isn't my real name. I'm not calling it a stage name either because having one is for celebrities and I ain't one. I wouldn't call YeyAndie or Andie Yey as a pen name either because I personally only use that for real writers (those who've authored books and the like under a certain name).

I suppose that both terms are applicable in my case because what is Youtube if not some sort of a personal theater? 

What is blogging if not a self-published digital form of self expression? 

More so, I'm going to really be mayabang here but getting recognized as a Top Asian Beauty Blog for the PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog sort of meant that I can call that blog as a 'legit' publication, giving me the bragging rights to be called an author for beauty blogging haha!

Anywhoo, I figured that if something that I'm only kinda interested in was able to garner followers and subscribers, maybe people do like reading about my thoughts, right? So here I am starting this blog to share more stuff. 

Key topics I would probably write about in here are movie reviews, TV show reviews, book reviews, food adventures, digital nomad forays, DIY and crafts, journal keeping, freelancing triumphs and hanash, and all sorts of other lifestyle topics!

Super excited!

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