Olay Natural White Ageless Aura Whitening Cream Review - New Anti-Aging Product from Olay Philippines!

June 20, 2019

Olay Natural White Ageless Aura is a new whitening cream from Olay Philippines. Olay Ageless Aura is also called as such because it functions as an antiaging cream too. I've first seen this while grocery shopping at Waltermart North Edsa and immediately bought a sachet. I've been using this for almost 10 days now so it is time for an Olay Ageless Aura review!

Olay Natural White Ageless Aura Whitening Cream Review

What is Olay Natural White Ageless Aura Whitening Cream?

This product is a new launch from Olay Philippines. If I am not mistaken, this is the first Olay Whitening Cream that has anti-aging properties and is marketed as a 2-in-1 cream. I haven't seen this in a tub. A sachet retails for P45 for 7.5 ml. If used on just the face and neck, a sachet can be used for about 10 days to 2 weeks.

I am not going to write a very long review. I've only used this Olay Whitening Cream for about 10 days so I will simply update this Olay Ageless Aura review with more details after I've used this for a month. For now, I'm sharing my initial thoughts. 

The Olay Natural White Ageless Aura Whitening Cream combines the potent skincare ingredients Mulberry Root Extract and Niacinamide. Both of these ingredients have anti-aging properties. I am just sure about the skin whitening effect because the ingredients above are known for skin brightening, not skin whitening. This is not an issue for me because I prefer skin brightening over skin whitening, anyway. 

Olay Natural White Ageless Aura Ingredients NOTE

One thing to note is that this is not paraben-free. I still bought this whitening cream and used it because the paraben was pretty low on the list of ingredients plus I've been using Olay skincare products since I was in high school so I got faith, y'all!

The whitening cream is not too thick and too thin either. There is no oily feel. The scent is also a bit floral sweet but overall pleasant. 

The product absorbs fast and there is no heavy feel. I find that I can wear this as a moisturizer on days I don't want to wear any makeup and can be used under sunscreen and makeup on days that I am going out. The key is to let layers dry fully and only use thin layers. I find that this works well for minimal makeup look, paired with sunscreen and powder foundation. I don't notice a white cast when I use this too.

Note that I have oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. Olay Natural White Ageless Aura Cream worked fine for me. I did not notice any anti-aging effect and skin whitening effect as claimed but the skin brightening effect is visible after a few days. This isn't bad for those who like minimal makeup and minimal skincare. Hydration on the skin is just right. I give this 4/5 overall.

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