Are Daily Blogs Effective for Marketing and SEO?

June 01, 2021

So it is not a secret that I am an educator and freelance writer by profession. I have been writing for various publications, clients, and my own blogs and so I often get asked if blogging is truly effective as a marketing tool and for SEO purposes. 

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The short answer is yes, blogging is an effective SEO and marketing tool otherwise my clients won't keep hiring me, haha! But yes, I have another semi-abandoned blog, PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog that I have kinda neglected for a year. My views and DA went so far down that I thought the blog would never recover so I decided to experiment.

The Experiment Daily Blogs, Are They Effective for Marketing and SEO?

First, I bought a domain name for my blogger or Blogspot blog. PinayBeautyAndStyle used to be hosted on the blogger platform with a dot Blogspot dot com address. I bought what I need from Namecheap because I wanted to see what would happen.

So in late 2019, PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog got a DA of 32 and was getting a few thousand views per day. I know these numbers are low but you have to understand that this blog is a niche blog within a niche. I was only publishing Filipino Beauty Content and only a few times a month, maybe 2 to 4 per week when I am feeling good and have a lot of spare time from my other projects.

When I revisited the blog in late 2020, my DA was down to 24 and I simply decided to neglect the blog because I got so many things on my plate at that time. This also explains why I got no entries for this blog (YeyAndie Blog) as well.

Flash forward to early 2021, my DA was down to 18 and so I decided why not to experiment, right? and see what would happen if I post a blog a day for 31 days and also buy a new domain. See how long it will take to get back to 18 from 0. That was in March 2021.

Results Daily Blogs, Are They Effective for Marketing and SEO?

Now it is the first day of June 2021 and I've written daily blogs for PinayBeautyAndstyle blog for the entire month of May. My DA in the second week of April was 2 (yikes!) and it went up to 10 sometime in May. I checked yesterday and now it is 12. This is normal and it will often take 3-6 months to get back your DA score and traffic if you change domains.

I think that publishing new content helped with getting my DA a bit higher but how about SEO? 

How about blogging for marketing purposes?

Back in April, my writeups fell to the 2nd and 3rd page because the blog has been inactive for so long. When I changed the domain, it fell farther away from the first page of Google! My blog was nearly invisible for a month and there were even popular posts that the search engines are not putting out in searches anymore. 

I felt so down but I was committed to completing the experiment and I just persevered. Today, around half of my blogs are still MIA as far as Google is concerned but I am glad to report that those that are visible or searchable are now on the second and sometimes the first page of google again. There were days that I got to a few thousand views a day but still just around half of my normal traffic in late 2019.

Am I sad? Is this a fail?

I think it is too early to tell but that kind of progress in 6 weeks is not bad....from DA not found to DA 12 and from 100 views to more than tenfold these days.

And that's where the daily blogging comes in.

Daily Blogs, Are They Effective for Marketing and SEO?

To date, the traffic pullers are my new content because the search engines are taking their sweet time to index my old content.

The traffic from the daily blogging is responsible for more than 80% of the hits and views that I am currently getting...and note that I only started daily blogging on May 1, 2021! So yeah, it is great for SEO so far. 

I've also started getting offers for sponsored blogs again and although I haven't said yes to anyone (coz I'm picky, haha!) that's still a positive indicator of marketing effectiveness.

I'm rambling but I just want to note this here and maybe push myself to writing for YeyAndie Blog too.
So far, it seems that daily blogs are effective for marketing and SEO for when you want to get fast results. I don't advocate this unless you have real content, to begin with, because the last thing you want is spammy content. Thankfully, I have over 200 product reviews lined up in my drafts and so I can do this for the next 6 months and still be good :)

I will share numbers in an update!

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