BeautyMNL Haul! Where to Buy Pregnancy-Safe and Baby-Safe Products in the Philippines

August 13, 2019

Some readers have been asking me why I haven't posted a new blog here in a while and I'm happy to announce that I was busy attending to tita duties! Quite a few of my friends have new babies, got pregnant, and so on and as the ultimate tita, I've been organizing and throwing baby showers all over. Anywhoo, I hope this clarifies things because some people thought I am pregnant based on my social media posts. I am not, haha! I am just proxy-nesting lately. 

BeautyMNL Haul! Where to Buy Pregnancy-Safe and Baby-Safe Goodies in the Philippines

With the above said, this blog post is about my recent BeautyMNL Haul and answers the questions: Where to Buy Pregnancy-Safe and Baby-Safe Goodies in the Philippines?

I love gifting practical things to people I care about so I thought it will be good to share this haul with you guys too. I uploaded the video at the PinayBeautyAndStyle YouTube Channel but thought it is better to publish the blog here.

I usually buy my supplies of nearly everything from BeautyMNL because I am so busy and shopping at their online store is just the most convenient option for me. Besides baby-safe products and pregnancy-safe products, they carry cosmetics, apparel, Filipino goodies, food and cooking utensils, and even health supplements and fitness tools and equipment. They are my favorite one-stop shop! #SorryShopee #SorryLazada, haha!

HERE IS THE VIDEO if you don't want to read the rest of the blog :)


Products below are all #mommysafe, #kidsafe, #safeforbreastfeedingmoms, those #tryingtoconceive, and perfect for people with #sensitiveskin like mine!


Tiny Buds Newborn Rice Baby Powder 

I first got this 2 weeks ago but I believe this is just the new packaging of the rice baby powder by tiny buds. I've been using this as a setting powder because I have very sensitive skin and cannot really use talc-based products without having a negative skin reaction. As a baby powder, this is great for absorbing oil and sweat. In my experience using this as a setting powder for makeup, this is the cheaper alternative for expensive 'rice powder' makeup from Japanese and Korean brands. Hindi anf pambaby, pangtita pa!

Philippine Pure Moringa Flakes 

I am so happy to have discovered this malunggay flakes from Philippine Pure. I've just gone through several bags already and they usually last for a few dishes. So far the most successful dishes I've tested this for are Pesto, dinuguan, as an additive to chocolate muffin which turned out surprisingly good, and as a supplement for my dog's food. Very versatile. I think this will be great for laing too or as an addition to goto or some soup dishes. Thinking fo adding to dimsum too in the future. You get a lot even though it says 100 grams. About the equivalent of several bunches of malunggay sold in the market.

Happy Island Magical Makeup Remover 

I was skeptical at first regarding whether this towel will indeed be effective in taking off my makeup without any other product. Well, I was proven wrong. Mind you, this cannot erase long-lasting makeup without a bit of elbow grease but for my everyday makeup, this works quite well. I like how this saves money in the long run and also great for the environment because you don't use other products. I recommend this for ladies who wear minimal makeup or for those who are looking for eco-friendly options for cleansers. Any makeup on the towel easily washes away with water or a bit of Tiny Buds Laundry Powder.

Tiny Buds Laundry Powder 

I've been using Tiny Buds Laundry Powder and their other laundry products for over a year. I've alternated between Tiny Buds and Human Heart Nature actually. I love their laundry products so much I wish they come in even bigger packaging! I have very sensitive skin so I've been using baby laundry products for years and I think Tiny Buds is one of the most effective in the market at half the cost of imported brands. I also use Human Heart Nature but lately, I find myself using more of Tiny Buds because this brand is easier to buy and find. 

Dentiste Sensitive Toothpaste 

Dentiste Love Mint Review --- this is a link, click for review

I've been using Dentiste products for years and wanted to turn my brother into a fan as well so I gave him this. He says that compared to what he was using before, this doesn't leave a strong sensation in the mouth. He says that after switching to Dentiste Sensitive, he experiences less sensitivity with hot and cold food and drinks.

Dentiste Travel Kit 

I've been using Dentiste Whitening and Dentiste Nighttime toothpaste for years so of course, I wanted to bring the travel size for my trips. The toothbrush is soft so it isn't too abrasive. At the same time, it works perfectly with the toothpaste to give you a good clean. Perfect for kikay kit too.

Conceal Gray Hair Roots Sponge Tip 

I got both shades of Conceal Gray Hair Roots Sponge Tip. I use the Mocha Brown for my hair and I use the chestnut brown as a brow mascara and they work fine. You have to be careful with application and allow to fully dry but after that, you can go on with your daily activities with no issues at all. The product washes off with normal cleansers and is great for quick touch-ups when needed. I prefer the one with a wand from the same brand but have no issues using this sponge tip too.

Tiny Buds Natural Nappy Cream 

I gave this Tiny Buds Nappy Cream to a friend with a newborn and she loves it! She says that this works really fast for any skin irritation for both adults and babies alike, be it on the bum, arms, neck, or back. The formula is soothing and doesn't leave a sticky residue. 

Deja Poo Pre-Poo Spray in Grapefruit 

Honestly, I use this Deja Poo Pre-Poo Spray each time I use the bathroom because this smells so good! Compared to similar products from other brands that I've used in the past, this doesn't have a lingering strong scent or noticeable alcohol scent. This smells like a mix of various citrus fruits too, not just pomelo. Already bought backups as well. My favorite is the vanilla variant.

Keme Packaging Airless Pump 

I was confused when I first got this pump because I thought it is missing a tube inside but then it turned out that this is a new design. There are no spills, doesn't leak, and can fit product that can last you a good 1 to 2 weeks when traveling. The pump dispenses product better than more expensive brands. I think this is one of my best shopping finds recently.

Happy Island Moisturizing Lip Balm 8:25

I was gifted the Happy Island Moisturizing Lip Balm before and to be honest I had low expectations because some reviews I've read weren’t very positive. I ended up pleasantly surprised after trying. The Orange Popsicle variant smelled so good. It is also light on the lips and does not feel tacky or heavy, unlike other lip balms. This works well for chapped lips after wearing drying formulas of other lip products. 

That's all for this haul! Hope the mini reviews help too.

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