Shopee Discount Voucher and Shopee Discount Codes for Shopee Philippines 6.6 Lowest Price Sale!

June 02, 2019

Shopee discount voucher and codes are always part of what I look forward to each time that there is a Shopee Sale. I just can't resist shopping when they have a huge sale because of all the discounts from specialty shops and the numerous brands that sell via ShopeePh!

Shopee Discount Voucher and Shopee Discount Codes for Shopee Philippines 6.6 Lowest Price Sale

To date, Shopee remains to be the top performing e-commerce platform in the Philippines, outgrowing other e-commerce giants that came before it. I remember when the owner of a leading local cosmetics brand scoffed at my idea of bringing their brand to Shopee in early 2018. I brought up the idea several times again and each time they said it is a waste of time. Finally they started selling in Shopee a few months ago. They asked me to feature them when they launched their Shopee store but I seenzoned their message haha! I think this shows that even traditional businesses really see Shopee as a lucrative market for them na.

Anywhoo, back to the Shopee Philippines 6.6 Lowest Price Sale, they usually have sales every month and just call it by a different name. I do think that "lowest price sale" is not just a marketing tactic this time. Over the years, I noticed that the best prices are indeed during the mid-year sales because the start of classes is really a big market factor in the Philippines in terms of sales. 

Shopee Philippines 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale

This huge online sale is set for June 3 to July 7, with a month-long discounts and vouchers plan so there is always something great to look forward to each day. Big brands like Colgate, Maybelline, Unilever Personal Care, Olay, Watsons, Huawei, and Silverworks promise to have products priced as low as 90% off.

Frankly what I am excited about is the P1 deals, daily 100% cashback vouchers, and the P0 minimum spend for free shipping. 

The Shopee Discount Code and Voucher timetable is shared below but specific codes and discounts will have to be claimed using your account via the Shopee app. 

I claimed 2 extra free shipping vouchers too so I am ready once the clock hits 12 am on June 3. I can already check out some of my carted items because I got a cashback voucher plus several discount vouchers and codes which I claimed via the Shopee app.

NOTE TO GET THE BEST OF SHOPEE SALES: Log in on the App and and click on the monthly sale banner. The extra codes and vouchers should be on the front page of that button and extra vouchers will be at the lower right button. You won't miss it because it is labeled vouchers.  Example below.

Then just copy codes that you see and click on vouchers to claim them. You need to click on vouchers so you can enjoy discounts when you check out your card. In the sample below, you need to click on "get voucher" to claim it.

The codes and vouchers change availability all the time so I just wrote about this for you to get the right ones whenever you may read this post.

Just use the Shopee Sale Calendar below to plan out your purchases and plan your app visits if you don't want to log in frequently.

Just to recap, Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale will feature 35 days of themed promotions that are scheduled from June 3 to July 7. 

Aside from Shopee Discount Codes and Vouchers, you can get exlusive deals from their partners like Cebu Pacific, BDO, and partner stores like Pop Studio Cosmetics and iWant.

By the way, Shopee revealed Sarah Geronimo as new brand ambassador. VIDEO HERE and blog HERE.

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