EB Advance Face Trio Review Swatches Price (SUNSET)- New Blusha and Contour from Ever Bilena!

May 28, 2019

EB Advance Face Trio in Sunset Trio was released by Ever Bilena just a few weeks ago. After weeks of use, I'm now sharing my blog review! A lot of people prefer Fig Trio over Sunset Trio, but I personally prefer Sunset Trio because its warm shades balance out the redness of my skin and the soft orange blush is really flattering on fair skin. Perfect for a peach makeup look!

EB Advance Face Trio in Sunset Trio Review Swatches Price - New from Ever Bilena!

EB Advance Face Trio Review Swatches Price  (SUNSET)- New Blusha and Contour from Ever Bilena!

What is the EB Advance Face Trio in Sunset Trio?

This product is a compact collection of 3 powder face products - a blush, a bronzer/contour, and a highlighter. Like the Fig Trio palette, both the blush and the bronzer/contour are matte powders. The highlighter is a pressed powder highlighter with fine shimmers.

A palette retails for P275 pesos each and has about 10 grams of combined powder weight so this is beyond cheap!

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The products are housed in a compact white palette with 3 compartments. It is actually the same packaging as the EB Advance Blush Duo but instead of a brush (that no one uses, anyway!), you get a highlighter. 

Like the other new products from EB Advance and Ever Bilena, this palette is cruelty-free and paraben-free

My palette is now well-loved and used a lot because I've been using for weeks! Good thing I saved cute photos when I first got it. As you can see, the colors are quite intimidating because they look too warm. However, applied sparingly, they give a healthy sunkissed glow on the skin. The highlighter and blush are my faves and I usually layer with the blush too from the EB Advance Fig Trio palette. Watch the video below to see how I use the palettes. 


The powders are not buttery soft but they're performing a lot better than other affordable products. The trick is in using the right brush and applying only a little at a time.

So pretty! My only regret is I always forget to take a photo when I am wearing this or when I wear this, it is usually in combination with other products.

UPDATE: found a photo of me wearing Fig Trio layered over Sunset Trio!

Ever Bilena Advance Sunset Trio Swatches and Review Summary

  • color saturation 4.5/5
  • longevity of wear 4/5 you need to reapply in the middle of the day since this is a powder product and not for the whole day
  • ease of use 4/5 because you need to have your own brush
  • packaging 5/5
  • reapplication 4/5, no patchiness
  • scent 5/5 no strong makeup scent
  • color selection 5/5 because I had no idea these colors will look great on me but they do!
  • Value for money 5/5. I mean c'mon, that's less than P100 a product because you get 3!

Overall 4.5/5!

I really wish I can blog more about their other releases but summer is the busiest time of the year for me. After June I will have lots of free time to churn out more reviews so watch out for more!

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