SOME BY MI Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion Review and Swatch (more than 6 months use!)

May 27, 2019

Some By Mi is a Korean makeup and skincare brand famous for their 30 Day Miracle Toner. I talked about where to buy Some By Mi products Philippines in an earlier blog and also wrote about my overview of Some By Mi makeup review at the PinayBeautyAndStyle blog. I am currently on my 2nd cushion of the same product and I thought that now is the time to share my SOME BY MI Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion review!

SOME BY MI Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion Review and Swatch

makeup in photo taken after about 4.5 hours after application (after running errands)

The first review I posted of this Some By Mi Cushion was back in December. Back then, my skin was really bad and super oily. Over the months, my skin has gotten better thanks to Some By Mi Miracle Toner and other products I'm using and so now I can appreciate the cushion more. 

What is the SOME BY MI Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion?

I really have no idea why they called this product Something Maxi. I mean, it makes no sense from an English speaker's perspective but maybe it was a literal translation from Korean.

About the 'Glam Cover' part, I used to think that this can only give up to medium coverage but once my skin texture improved, I can see that this does cover up to full coverage. Maybe they meant 'cover' as in sun protection? This does have SPF 50 PA+++! 

The product page in the Some By Mi website is in Korean but google translate said this cushion is mean to give superior coverage and sun protection as well as long-lasting wear. 

When I first tested this in December 2018, I usually just wear cushion when I am at home so I didn't get to really see the long-wearing effect. Since that time, I've gone through my first cushion and now on my 2nd one. This doesn't last as long as my favorite Sulwhasoo cushion but can last 5 to 7 hours in Philippine summer weather so not bad. 

The packaging is the same as most Korean cushion makeup. 

Most Korean cushion makeup do not look like this when you take off the seal. Usually, the foam is well saturated with product. With the Some by Mi Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion, the product seems to be just on the underside. The whole foam becomes saturated after a few uses. Don't worry, you still get 15 grams of Korean cushion makeup anyway. 

My first thought was that the shade 23 was too light! I am shade 21 but got shade 23 because 21 was unavailable.

Turned out shade 23 is just right. Tried to cover my burn scar to show you guys the coverage here.

High medium coverage. It can go full coverage the smoother your skin is. 
Some by Mi Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion is my favorite Some by Mi makeup.

SOME BY MI Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion Review Summary

  • Scent: no weird makeup scent, just very faint creamy scent 5/5
  • Coverage: high medium to full coverage but can also be sheered out so 5/5
  • Longevity: 3-5 hours if not set with powder, 5-7 hours if set with powder 4/5
  • Ease of use: great for touch ups and first applications so 4.5/5
  • Value for money: Cost the same or cheaper than equivalent Western products. About P1200 to P1500 in pesos but not bad considering a cushion can last 3 to 4 weeks and you get both sun protection and coverage

Oily skin friendly? Yes, I have combination oily skin. Did not cause breakouts too on my sensitive skin.

Overall rating is 4.5/5!

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