Get a Watsons Card! Membership Application, Registration, Benefits, and Review

May 27, 2019

I finally got a Watsons Card. Yes, I have an SM Advantage Card and I can still use that when shopping at Watson's but hey, having a Watson's Card has perks that I can't get from an SM Advantage Card so I went ahead and got one for myself while their membership fee was on 50% off sale.

Get a Watsons Card! Membership Application, Registration, Benefits, and Review

So Why I Got a Watson's Membership Card?

Confession, I love membership cards. Despite some misinformed posts circulating in social media, I think that it is a smart move to apply for membership cards from establishments that you do frequent business with.

Some people seem to think that they don't have a choice on the matter, that owning a membership card from a certain establishment will somehow limit their ability to buy elsewhere but I disagree. I personally think that if you pick the membership cards you apply for and choose stores or establishments that you buy frequently from, you'll end up saving a lot of money. I'll post another blog on how much money I saved by using membership cards at a later date.

Anyway, I usually buy my health supplements from Watsons Philippines. You can watch some of my Watson's Haul at the PinayBeautyAndStyle YouTube Channel. Although I earned a lot of points for my SM Advantage card from past purchases, I saw that there are a lot of ongoing Watson's Card Membership exclusive discounts for products I like so I grabbed the opportunity to get my own Watson's Card for just P50.

Getting a Watson's Membership Card used to be a bit more strict, like you need receipts to reach a certain amount. I may be mistaken on this. Anyway, now, all you have to do is inform the cashier that you want to avail of a card and they'll ask you to pay 50 pesos plus fill up the form. 

The usual membership fee is 100 pesos but you get to use the card for life.

My pics are blurry because I didn't know if I am allowed to take photos, hahah!

You can also check out the Watsons Card Terms and Conditions HERE.

The form didn't ask for a lot of details. Just name, contact number, email, birthday. They'll use your birth date to give you double points on your birth month. You can input the wrong year if you're worried about a privacy breach. 

I got my Watson's Card right there! Was also able to use it with my purchase that day. I saved about P100 pesos on items that are on my list to buy anyway so the card already saved me twice the amount I paid for it.

Aside from exclusive discounts, other Watsons Card Membership benefits include:
rebate in terms of points for every set amount spent
entry to exclusive promos
exclusive discounts in stores and online purchases

Read more about Watson's Card Membership benefits HERE.

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